Food and Love

I keep a list of some of my favorite quotes, the other day I was in the need of some inspiration and I stumbled upon this quote that I copied down when I became determined to lose weight:

From a lovely blog post on

“I know so many people who believe that they “just love food.” They’re sure that a large part of their weight has to do with enjoying food so much that they cannot help but to eat in abundance. Everyone loves the taste of good food. The first problem with this rationale is that it reduces the very serious problem of obesity. It ignores any deeper meaning and instead makes weight the symptom of a petty adoration of food and a lack of will power. I don’t believe this to be true. The second problem with the “I just love food too much” mentality is that it could assume that people at a healthy weight don’t necessarily enjoy food as much. I hope that’s not true. The third problem is that even if you do love food a whole heck of a lot, does it take priority in your life? Do you love food more than health? More than relationships? More than yourself? Food should be loved, but food should not be love.”

At the time I saved this quote I was searching for perspective and help in my quest to lose weight.  The words of others seemed to comfort, calm and inspire me.  I can remember at the time having such a hard time to wrap my mind around the logic that food should not be love.  Up until that point in my life I think I saw food as a form of love.  If you could not tell my family enjoys good food, we love to cook and eat together.  However that does not mean that in our lives food is love, but instead we love food but mainly it serves as a vessel to connect us and help to serve each other.  When my mom makes me a to die for dessert, that dessert is not love, she is the love and the food is prepared for us with that love. Your health is love, your relationships are love, you are love, food is delicious and extraordinary but it is not meant to be the main priority in your life.

So yes, love food, enjoy each bite and be grateful for the blessing each meal is but love yourself and your health and your importance to others more.


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