A New Normal

Lots of life changes going on over here, that is why I have been MIA so much!  Aaron and I are adjusting to some new odd work hours with his new job so that means figuring out a new normal for us.  I am a creature of habit so changes are always slightly stressful for me. The main thing I am trying to figure out is a work out schedule that works for me.  I have given up on the idea of being a morning workout person, it is just not gonna happen at this point in my life.  Well, at least not when I have to leave for work a little after 7am each day 🙂  The last few weeks were crazy for me and I definitely got out of sorts when it came to working out and eating great.  I am looking forward to getting settled into a new routine and getting back on track…Anyone out there with me??

Hopefully as I get settled into this new routine my cooking will start up again!!! I hope you have not missed my weekly food pictures and recipes too much 😉  To tide you over until I cook this , here is a picture of the recipe I am most excited to try this week!

Photo and recipe from CanYouStayForDinner

Buffalo Chicken mac n’ Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited to try and make this after my mom ordered it at a restaurant last month.  We will see how much this one compares to the last.

I am off to get some much needed sleep and tomorrow I hope you join me in a goal to get 1 hour of exercise! ( it doesn’t have to be 1 straight hour).


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